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Client Satisfaction Policy

DigiLaw is committed to provide best-in-class services to its clients. To ensure that we deliver to the satisfaction of our clients, we have introduced milestone-based flat fee models and the refund mechanism. This motivates us to stay committed to our goal as we strive to do better each time.

Milestone-Based Flat Fee Models: DigiLaw quotes flat fee at the first step of receiving a request for obtaining any service. The quoted fee is to be paid in instalments on the basis of various milestones as indicated in the quotation.

Refund Mechanism: DigiLaw follows liberal refund mechanism and a client can request for refund in case he is not satisfied with the services. Simply write us a mail from your registered email ID or raise a request on our platform. The refund request will be reviewed by our team within 14 days and if the services were found to be not meeting our standards, a refund would be issued.