Consumer Courts
This sub-section covers all legal queries relating to filing of complaints in consumer commissions / courts.
18 legal queries in this sub-section
Court Fees for filing consumer complaint
The court fees for filing consumer complaint are prescribed in the Regulations. Find out the exact court fees in the table.
Format of consumer complaint
The complaint shall clearly contain particulars of dispute, the relief claimed and shall also be accompanied by copies of such documents as are necessary to prove the claim made in the complaint.
Who can appear before Consumer Court / Commission? Dress Code?
The complainant and the opposite party can appear in person or through a duly authorized agent, or through an advocate.
Can I argue my case on my own before a Consumer Commission?
Yes, you can argue your case on your own before any of the Consumer Commission.
How can I check the next date of hearing? Cause List?
Check out the link to access the Cause List
Can a consumer complaint be filed against telecom companies?
A consumer complaint can be filed against telecom companies on any of the grounds mentioned in the Consumer Protection Act
Can consumer commission grant adjournments?
Yes, adjournments are granted for valid reasons but the Commission is required to record reasons for any adjournment.
What are the grounds on which a consumer complaint can be filed?
A complaint can be filed by a consumer on grounds of any defect in goods, charging of excess prices, sale of hazardous goods, adoption of unfair contract, unfair or restrictive trade practice by the trader.
How to file a consumer case / complaint? Procedure and Grounds?
A consumer complaint in India has to be filed under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.
Can interim relief be granted by the Consumer court / commission?
Yes, a consumer commission can pass an interim order depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.
Where should I file the consumer complaint? Jurisdiction of consumer courts?
A complaint can be filed in the commission which has both the territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction to decide the complaint.
Limitation for filing consumer complaint, review, appeal, revision, or any other application
Various applications and petitions before the Consumer Commission have to be filed within the period specified below.
Can NCDRC’s appellate order be challenged before the High Court?
Yes, the orders passed by NCDRC in appeals can be challenged before the concerned High Court having jurisdiction under Article 227 of the Constitution.
Can the Power of Attorney file a consumer complaint?
Yes, the power of attorney can file and sign a consumer complaint on behalf of the complainant.
Procedure of filing an appeal before State or National Commission
Four copies of memorandum of appeal stating the grounds for appeal has to be filed (either in person/ authorised agent/ advocate or through registered post) to the State or the National Commission, as the case may be.
Will I get the refund of legal charges if I win the case in Consumer Commission?
Yes, the consumer commissions has the power to grant adequate costs to parties. They also have the power to grant compensation to the consumer
Who can file a consumer complaint?
The complaint can be filed by a consumer, any registered voluntary consumer association,
Is it mandatory to file written arguments?
If a party is represented by a counsel, it shall be mandatory to file a brief of written arguments two days before the matter is fixed for arguments.