What steps can be taken if an e-commerce platform / offline store fails to redress/ resolve the complaint?

In case the complaint is not redressed by the Grievance Officer or if the details of the Grievance Officer are not easily available/accessible on the platform, the consumer can file a complaint on National Consumer Helpline (NCH). NCH has on-boarded various online and offline sellers on its portal and the complaint is usually redressed within 60 days.

If the complaint still remains unresolved and the amount involved in the dispute is big, the consumer can file a consumer complaint. Now a consumer complaint can be filed by the consumer from the district in which they reside. If the claim of the consumer is valid, the consumer forums can direct compensation as well as the costs for legal charges, mental agony and harassment.

If the amount involved is not big, the consumer can send legal notice to the e-commerce seller and if the claim is legally sound, the platform/sellers usually act on such representations and generally resolves the disputes.

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