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Legal Opinion Letter

Whether your objective is to avoid expensive and protracted litigation or to properly handle an existing lawsuit, you and your company need to make the right legal choices. To do so, you need to know how the law applies to you.

Law firms may require up-front retainers, and then charge you on hourly basis. In such cases, there’s no certainty as to how long the legal research and opinion writing will take, which means no certainty about the final bill. However, at DigiLaw, we charge the quoted flat fee for performing legal research and providing you with a written legal opinion. A legal opinion letter from an advocate on our team will help you with better understanding of the law and the application of the law to your particular circumstances.

No matter what business you conduct or what your legal issue may be, our firm is ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal opinion letter? +

A legal opinion letter is a formal document written by an advocate/lawyer or a law firm expressing their professional legal assessment and advice on a particular legal matter.

The purpose of a legal opinion letter is to provide a clear and authoritative analysis of the legal issues involved in a specific situation. For example, a legal opinion letter for a business acquisition might discuss the legality of the transaction, potential liabilities, compliance with relevant regulations, etc.

What is the procedure to obtain a legal opinion letter? +
  1. To get a legal opinion through DigiLaw, you need to fill the form and make payment of legal fee by clicking on 'Get Started'. Please note that the complete fee is refundable if you are not satisfied with the services.
  2. Post payment confirmation, we will start working on your case. We might
  3. Within 4 working days, the draft legal opinion letter will be shared with you. You can seek further clarification and changes.
  4. Within 12 hours from your approval to the draft, you will receive the legal opinion letter on our letterhead, duly signed by a licensed advocate on our team.
What is the turn-around time for getting legal opinion? +

The turn-around time (TAT) for a legal opinion is usually 5 to 6 days. We will share the first draft of the legal opinion within 4 working days.

The signed opinion letter will be given to you within 12 hours from your approval of the draft.

In what domains can legal opinion letters be provided? +
  1. Business Transactions
  2. Real Estate
  3. Contract Law
  4. Securities and Investments
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Taxation
  8. Regulatory Compliance
  9. Employment Law
  10. Environmental Law
  11. Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  12. International Law
What fees do we charge? +

We charge flat fee for legal opinion letters. Kindly refer the form above to know the exact fee. Fifty percent (50%) of the fees is charged in advance. Remaining fifty percent (50%) becomes payable only after you get the legal opinion letter. You can refuse to pay the remaining fee if you are not satisfied with the legal opinion.

We also have a refund mechanism for refund of advance fee in case you are not satisfied with our services. Simply write us a mail to refunds@digilaw.in. The refund request will be reviewed by our team within 7 days and if the services were found to be not meeting our standards, a refund would be issued to the original payment source.

Have more questions? +

You can connect with us instantly through live chat or by writing to us at contact@digilaw.in.