Format of consumer complaint

The complaint shall clearly contain particulars of dispute, the relief claimed and shall also be accompanied by copies of such documents as are necessary to prove the claim made in the complaint. It should be comprehensive and self-explanatory.

Even though there is no prescribed format, it is preferable that the complaint is properly drafted and arranged in a coherent manner. It is also advisable that the contents of the complaint are supported by an affidavit. An ideal complaint should be arranged as below:

  1. Index
  2. Memo of Parties (Along with address of both the parties)
  3. Complaint - (a) Facts, (b) Grounds, (c) Relief claimed
  4. Affidavit in support of the complaint
  5. Any other application, e.g. for seeking interim relief (if any)
  6. Copies of documents in support of the complaint

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